Amit House, Noida (Interior)

This house has multiple floors, top-most of which is used as an office space for the client. After taking the stairs to the top floor, we enter a very well-lit corridor which is connected straight to the terrace. On both sides of the corridor, we find a lounge space, a workstation room, and a meeting room. The main design concept of this entire floor is having different geometric shapes and motifs for each space. In the meeting room, there are hexagons used on the wall and in prints over surfaces. In the workstation room, there are circles used as wall protrusions and a large circular clock to match with it. The main access corridor leading to the terrace shares a common traditional design pattern on its ceiling which has circled and arcs making a geometric flower pattern. An additional design feature in the lounge area is the use of visual textures. For instance, the feature wall has a marble texture on it; the central wall and ceiling has a rocket texture on it; the carpet below though center table has a distressed paint texture print. 

Amit House, Noida (Interior)Amit House, Noida (Interior)Amit House, Noida (Interior)Amit House, Noida (Interior)Amit House, Noida (Interior)