Gyan Sarover School

An Urban school designed specifically for the underprivileged children of rack-pickers living near the major waste dump-yard of Delhi. The idea is to attract the children and their parents into this facility and encourage them to realize the importance of education to improve their lifestyle. The whole structure is planned as a courtyard centric inward looking building. The inner courtyard also acts as an amphitheater for performances and activities that would engage children.

The outer green wall screen, and high parapet walls with terrace garden cocoons children from harsh surroundings and helps to create a refreshing micro-climate inside the built mass.

Gyan Sarover SchoolGyan Sarover SchoolGyan Sarover SchoolGyan Sarover SchoolGyan Sarover School
Myspace Architects
C-6, Lower ground Floor, Sector-48
Uttar Pradesh 201307
Phone: (+91) 120 410 4748