HHM Ayurvedic Experience Centre

This project is an experience center and office for an ayurvedic aromatherapy product. In terms of planning, the space is supposed to look like a retail-cum-spa lounge with a small showroom-like entrance. The entrance foyer is designed to shelve the product on one wall and have the company logo on another. With the entire space divided with frameless glass partitions, sunlight can sufficiently seep inside till the office area. The entire interior is highlighted by the blue identity of the company brand with warm lighting to set a relaxing mood. The lounge area has a central display table for the said product to be experienced by potential customers. With dull and warm lounge lighting and soothing color, this lounge space has a very inviting ambience, even for a person crossing by.

HHM Ayurvedic Experience CentreHHM Ayurvedic Experience CentreHHM Ayurvedic Experience Centre