Panchan Niwas, Tamil Nadu

Amidst the coconut plantation, this residence is meant to be a modern adaptation of the Chettinad Architecture of Tamil Nadu. The house appears to be a bunch of horizontal boxes staggered upon each other among the verticality of the tall coconut trees. The design element is a large central courtyard in the middle of the house, with jali screens in the front and back acting as decorative lanterns at night while enhancing the cross ventilation and wind flow inside the house. As an adaptation of the planning technique from the Chettinad palaces, the front door, central courtyard, and back door, all lies in the same line of sight. The Thinnai, have been reimagined as projections of the plinth, acting as external seating helping to improve the outdoor connectivity. These palaces also had a family well (water body) which is symbolized as the private swimming pool in the backyard. This project is an example of modernized living cradled by age-old cultural history.

Panchan Niwas, Tamil NaduPanchan Niwas, Tamil NaduPanchan Niwas, Tamil NaduPanchan Niwas, Tamil Nadu